Cocktails, Comedy, Music & More.

The countdown’s begun to the DesignScene Digital Showcase.

The well-known adage in creative agencies is: Show, Don’t Tell.

Don’t talk about a product benefit. Show it to the audience. And make it entertaining.

It’s why live events and experiential marketing are both such powerful tools. They’re the perfect way to show what a new product, service or brand can do.

All of which helps explain why an event marketing agency such as DesignScene is putting together it’s very own Digital Showcase. We don’t want to talk about the live digital projects we’re working on for our global clients. We’d rather show you our capabilities by hosting a digital event of our own.

We’re a multi-skilled and multi-talented team with decades of collective experience delivering amazing, immersive, brand events and brand experiences. But watching us strategize, design, shoot, edit, construct, produce, budget and project manage won’t necessarily make for riveting viewing.

So, instead, we’re bringing together our friends and partners and letting them lay on the entertainment. Creating a platform on which they can showcase their enviable talents. Event F&B maestros LiquidChefs will show our guests how to mix the perfect cocktail. Live music entertainment comes courtesy of Britain’s best new talents, including headliner Freddie Long. And there’s also live comedy showcasing acts managed by Avalon Corporate Entertainment.

Delivering the experience, we’re benefitting from the technical capabilities of CT Creative Technology and digital swag for our guests will be provided by YR Live. Plus the intelligent, insightful opinions of a panel of event and marketing industry experts.

The event is scheduled for July 9 and we’ll be sharing regular updates on our line up and content over the next couple of weeks. We’re confident it will be a fun and informative way to show what digital events can deliver.

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