EventDotSpace a.k.a. The Missing Link

In case you hadn’t been tipped off by the enormous caption on our homepage, here at DesignScene our mission is nothing less than Total Brand Immersion.

To us, that means delivering experiences that truly immerse an audience in the client’s brand, voice and message. Not just spectacle for the sake of it, but spectacle with a strategic purpose. Spectacle that entertains, educates or informs the audience (or maybe even all three).

The pivot to digital we’ve all undertaken this year has unlocked numerous different ways in which audiences can be wowed by digital technology. There’s a mini arms race going on within creative agencies to showcase what these technologies can deliver and how they can be effectively utilised by brands. VR, AR and XR have all taken centre stage in digital creative events and experiences. And we’ve utilised them ourselves, of course, to great effect both in our own Digital Showcase and at last month’s AIM Awards.

It’s great to have these digital tools in the creative tool kit. It’s inspiring and exciting to get to grips with them, to find meaningful and purposeful ways in which to adopt them to deliver that wow factor audiences are missing while they’re stuck at home and glued to screens.

Which brings us to the slightly more awkward subject of The Webinar.

For all that new digital tech brings a wealth of creative opportunities, they all come with a price tag. And a development timeline. While building a custom website to house unique experiences also carries a hefty fee and production schedule.

Which explains why, when the digital conference presents itself, so many organisations resort to using an off-the-peg webinar platform.

And you can totally understand their logic.

It’s already built. It’s quick to use. And, from a technical perspective, it works.

But we’re also getting used to the limitations of The Webinar and the platforms that house them. Heavily templated spaces that allow for little to no brand specificity in either design or message. The audience experience is limited. As are the opportunities to interact with them, or them with one another (just two of the reasons why In Real Life events will always have a role to play in a company’s event strategy).

Webinar attendees miss out on all the other good stuff about IRL events, too. The pre-event care package. The F&B options. The brand touches. Fun engagements and activations. Swag to take now or have mailed out afterwards.

All of which is why DesignScene has created eventdotspace. A digital event platform that combines the best of In Real Life events with breakthrough technology and elevated content. We like to think of it as The Missing Link (hence the title) between expensive, lengthy, website development and off-the-peg webinar experiences. Instead, it’s a complete, curated guest journey built around DesignScene’s key pillars: Creative, Digital and Production.

Under these three pillars, eventdotspace encompasses a huge range of DesignScene services. Creative covers event design development of course, but also programming, filming (both at home and in-studio), editing and post-production. As well as tech services such as green screen and XR.

Our Digital pillar means that the dev has already been done on your behalf. eventdotspace is designed with the user in mind and can integrate with any number of 3rd parties through API. And, of course, with the tech comes the support you’ll needed right across the design, build and implementation process.

Then there’s Physical, too. Which is where our experience in event craft really comes into its own. An EventDotSpace guest journey encompasses pre-event VIP mail outs, swag, F&B, and activations employing AR and VR. We’ll deliver activities relayed via the platform such as wellness classes, masterclasses and product demos. And, of course, if yours is a Hybrid event, the entire design, build and delivery of a stage or event arena.

As a platform, we’re still finalising its development and optimising what it can deliver. We’re reaching out to clients to find out directly from them what they want from a digital platform and the functions they want to prioritise for their audiences. In this way, we want to ensure that it’s the ideal one-stop-shop for digital events.

EventDotSpace is being designed to give your audience a seamless event experience. Designed to look like you and only you. Housing premium content shot, edited and post-produced by DesignScene. And a digital environment tailored to your brand, event and theme. As well as activations that explore the unlimited creative potential that digital provides.

Your Event. Your Space.

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