EventDotSpace: An All-Inclusive Home Recording Experience

If there is one truth that this pandemic has exposed for event agencies and global brands, it is that we don’t necessarily have to be in-person to execute high-quality conferences. Those that have been creative and nimble enough to – dare I say it – pivot to digital, have proven this time and again over the last year. From thought-provoking content, to a greater focus on design and technology, event professionals have been exploring new and exciting ways to keep their clients, participants and attendees, from around the world, fully engaged from the safety of their homes.

The big question has been, how do we create this content for these projects, while prioritizing the well-being of our participants? Whether it’s the fear of Covid, kids are at home, or the simple desire to remain as comfortable as possible – most people lack the eagerness to travel to a studio to record their presentation, or converse with a panel of their peers from six feet away. Additionally, many studios have faced the sharp edge new pandemic regulations and have either closed their doors, established extensive production limitations, or increased their rates to try to stay afloat. All-in-all, the answer to all these issues has become the use of home recording equipment.

The list of tools needed for this option can range from your everyday iPhone on a ring light, to hiring a small production crew and inviting them into your home. All tactics are acceptable to “get the job done”. However, if you aim to produce a seamless and cohesive end-product, the variables with these methods are almost endless. Do all of your participants have equal or similar equipment? If not, can you get them the equipment they need within their region? Even if so, can you really trust the vendor in said region, when you may not have ever worked with them in the past? But most importantly, how much more time will you have to spend researching, planning, and budgeting when there are so many varying factors to consider? Trust and believe, we’ve been there – done that. So, we worked tirelessly to create EventDotSpace home kits, a streamlined home recording solution to all of these problems.

Our substantial inventory of EventDotSpace home kits allows us to provide our clients and their participants with the exact same robust production equipment and software needed to capture each moment at the highest standard, no matter where they are.

First, attached to our sleek, black frame is a high-performance PC tablet, which provides you with 1080p full HD video, dual far-field studio mics, and 1.6W stereo speakers with Dolby Audio. Meaning, you no longer have to figure out how to work that external webcam or concern yourself with positioning that bulky table mic; take off that headset and stop worrying about whether or not your setup is up to par. We already did all the research to make sure that you have everything you need in one place, right out of the box.

Next, we secured two magnetic brackets on both ends of the tablet, where you will be able to place our 14-inch, 5W LED lighting strips. These lights have a 4500K white temperature, with 10-dimmable settings to give you the most ideal ambiance, regardless of your natural setting. Additionally, they come with an easy-to-use remote control and they’re rechargeable so there is no need to touch them again once they’re set.

After that, you will settle the kit on our easily-assembled, high-gloss legs and bracket. With five height levels to choose from, you can arrange the tablet to an elevation best suited for you and your workstation.

Lastly, since this is our in-house equipment, our team of production and technical managers are fully capable of assisting you with any challenges that you may face – all before leading the recording process with step-by-step guidance along the way.

Our EventDotSpace home kits come packaged in a custom protective casing, can be shipped internationally through customs, and will even be delivered to and from your doorstep by our logistics team. Our goal was to keep your user experience in mind, from beginning to end, and we believe we have achieved just that. So far, we’ve received tons of positive feedback, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts as well.

Feel free to head over to EventDotSpace to learn more or reach out to us directly at hello@designscene.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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