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We’ve now passed the milestone of a full year dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and it’s great to see some freedom on the horizon thanks to the vaccine programs being rolled out worldwide.

While we have to congratulate all of our team for digging deep over the last year and ensuring that, as a business, we are still here and staying strong… we do need to recognise the enormous challenges that we’ve all faced that go beyond the rapid loss of IRL events and the ‘pivot’ to digital.

It’s been well-documented that people’s mental health has suffered during this period; I doubt many of us have gone through the last twelve months without experiencing some mental or physical impact from the situation we’ve been living with.

Early in the pandemic we were very keen to do what we could to support our team members in practical ways, as well as be there to listen and keep dialogue open on what we were seeing happen across the globe. Our team is spread across the USA and the South of England but we are very used to coming together regularly for hard work and some social fun, so we really missed each other.

There were the obvious Zoom quizzes, comedy nights and even an Xmas murder mystery. But we wanted to make sure we brought in some Physical and Mindful activities as well, which we started with our good friend Darren

Even if you haven’t turned to treats in the form of food and alcohol to reward yourself for getting through another Groundhog Day, not all of us have managed to turn ourselves into athletes and a LOT of us need some motivation and inspiration to improve our wellness journey. I would certainly have struggled to get out of the house on some of the bleak midwinter days if it wasn’t for my dog’s insistence! But, rather than beating ourselves up because we didn’t learn a new language or walk over 10,000 steps a day during a British winter, we’ve looked at how to give ourselves a helping hand with motivation. And that’s why we’ve started using GoVida…

This easy-to-use app takes a holistic approach to wellbeing rather than purely focussing on the physical elements of health. GoVida allows you to earn points from your physical and mental wellbeing activities and redeem them for rewards, as well as take part in challenges and so much more.

In the Mind section, GoVida has a really nice mix of sessions to discover; there’s something for everyone – from relaxation, to getting better sleep, to understanding emotional intelligence which, as a business, is something we’ve completed many training sessions on.

If you want to get a Diploma in mindfulness, it’s there. If you want to want to challenge yourself to run a marathon across 7 days it’s there, too. GoVida offers a structured approach to Mental and Physical wellbeing for people at every level, gamifying the experience to motivate you and linking it to fun rewards.

We’re offering a range of our own rewards to employees, including digital gift cards, or you can choose to redeem your points to charity instead, with DesignScene making a donation on your behalf. We think it makes for an extremely compelling program – one we’ll support the DesignScene team to get behind, so that they can reap the benefits. During lockdown, and beyond.

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