Insight into CES 2021, The Fun, The Tools, and The Future

Telecommunications has developed to be as important as water & electricity in the majority of peoples lives, spending years in and out of telecommunications projects I took a bit of a magnified view on wireless & infrastructure solutions to support the never ending development of creative experiences.

The Fun

As a consumer based technology show goes, there was innovation as well as progression on show, with the usual suspects bringing their latest & greatest products to the all virtual show floors.

ASUS announced a laptop which includes a 360Hz refresh rate on the screen at a standard HD resolution & a slightly lower framerate at still a whopping 165Hz at a 2560 x 1440 Resolution, for those single player cinematic gaming moments.

LG continue their substantial progression in screen technology, with domestic & commercial applications for their screen technologies, aside from the technology announcements LG interestingly have produced some fantastic ‘digital’ presentations to announce their new exciting products.

Wearables were as big as they ever have been, while apple recently launched their Apple AirPods MAX, products that will be available this year are due to rival the tech giants peripheral monopoly V-Moda in a similar price bracket claims the best wireless audio listening experience whilst also supporting the same BLE 5.0 & 5.1 codecs.

Samsung announced an array of consumer based products, including a focus on AI-powered domestic items, such as washing machines & dryers, along with the Samsung Galaxy S21.

Razer, a power house in peripherals to gamers & techies round the world announced a totally relevant N95 face mask, with rechargeable & active ventilation along with accompanying Sci-fi LEDS.

On the opposite end of the technology spectrum, GM announced themselves into the Electronic Vehicle market, whilst EV’s and Cadillac are traditionally stuck to the ground and there being a vast category of motor announcements what took centre stage was the GM concept car, which is something that looked fresh out of a WestWorld set, a personal Cadillac Aircraft.

The Tools & the Future.

5G has been a very large talking point for the last 12 months in technology, 5G is not a product but a framework that allows for much more than high speed & low latency network.

Verizon had a fantastic presentation, presented by Hans Vestberg, Chairman & CEO @ Verizon.

Partnering, with brand likes Live Nation, NFL, means on the horizon for Verizon is content with an entirely new output, Verizon are planning to change the way we view content, in a disruptive & fantastic manner Verizon are planning to enable punters to interact with live content, creating AR visuals to project stats & interact with virtual players & attributed data, as well the announcement that 28 NFL stadiums will have coverage.

Practical & service companies will also be enhancing their capabilities by utilising & maximising the potential of 5G, Verizon announced UPS have been using 5G to equip themselves developing a drone delivery company, which now has the infrastructure to enable & accelerate service industry’s use of drones, the potential has vastly increased allowing multiple drones to transport domestic items simultaneously, using an automated service, which till recently was choked from the lack of technology & infrastructure prohibiting the amount of drones in the airspace at one time.

Finally on 5G, entertaining people has been done more so than ever via content & a screen in recent times. To continue the development of how we are entertained 5G is enabling attendees & guests to view & engage in entertainment, in new ways creating Augmented Reality experiences using volumetric & motion capture while broadcasting new viewing angles to be right up close & personal with the experience.

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