Mental Health Awareness at DesignScene

May is Mental Health Awareness month in USA and 10th – 16th May is Mental Health Awareness week in the UK.

It’s an opportunity to focus on how to achieve good mental health and raise awareness within our team and the wider community. It’s a known fact that, inevitably, most of us will experience some type of mental health challenge at least once during our lifetime, whether that be through bereavement, personal illness, job loss, a global pandemic or a myriad of challenges that we might face.

(1 in 4 people in UK and almost 1 in 5 in the USA

We want to encourage discussion about mental health, to be open and support each other in dealing with things in our daily lives that can affect us negatively.

Personally, I am a great believer in sharing a problem with someone you trust, whoever that may be. You never know what others have been through themselves and how they might be able to help you – or vice versa – until to try!

Over the past year we’re proud to say that we’ve seen an amazing amount of support shared between our wonderful team members as we’ve all worked our way through the ups and downs, and we want to keep this going by arming them with more mental wellness tools.

As we’ve been using GoVida for a few weeks now we’ve set a little, no pressure, fun, friendly competition to get people to engage with the MIND section on the app in particular and we will provide a little prize at the end of the month for the person who has explored the most MIND content.

There is a lot of content stored in the app so we hope there’s something for everyone, whether they want to explore emotional intelligence or meditation or just relax and try to get better sleep, we hope it gives a little more support and assistance to the team.

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